What shoes does Jordan Spieth wear?


What shoes does Jordan Spieth wear?

American Jordan Spieth has a long-term footwear and apparel deal with Under Armor which actually includes his own footwear line.

What shoes does Jordan Spieth wear?

Jordan Spieth (opens in a new tab) wears the latest version of his signature Under Armor shoe, the Spieth 5. Of course, he’s been wearing every shoe in his line for a long time and the 5 is no exception as it continues the brand’s development and thinking in the golf shoe. Marlet.

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This is the fifth iteration of Under Armor’s signature shoe designed with ideas from Jordan Spieth himself as well as biomechanic JJ Rivet to unlock new levels of performance and comfort.

Upon release, the main design feature worth mentioning is internal traction, which manifests itself in the form of a new and unique 3D molded footbed that features an additional wrap on the inside and top of the foot. This creates a fit tailored to your specific foot shape.

In our testing of the studless version the grip also impressed us, in fact the levels of traction seemed to be close to that of some studded shoes. The Spieth 5 SL has firmer TPU nubs for ground penetration and softer rubber nubs in key areas to create friction, which we noticed when testing when the ground was slightly damp.

Overall, while it seemed unique at first, the shoe performed brilliantly, which is why it made our best golf shoes ever. (opens in a new tab) guide, and also why it got five stars in our review (opens in a new tab).

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