Veep Outdoors new fashion shoes from Kumasi Shoe Factory


The shoe factory, which over the years has produced safety boots and shoes for uniformed security agencies but has now expanded production to cover specifications, designing quality footwear for the general public, in especially the fashion industry.

The new models were displayed and viewed by the Vice President, Dr. Mahammudu Bawumia at Burma Camp in Accra yesterday during the inauguration of Defense Industries Holding Company Limited (DIHOC) and groundbreaking ceremony for various projects of the society.

Kumasi Shoe Factory, also known as DIHOC Footwear Division, is a joint venture between a Czech Republic-based company, Knights as, acting through its subsidiary, Knight Ghana Limited, and DIHOC Holding Company, a subsidiary of the Forces Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

In his address, Dr. Mahammudu Bawumia said the government is keen to create an enabling environment for companies to partner with the government in various development projects.

He mentioned that the collaborative venture between GAF and the private sector was crucial in Ghana’s quest to improve the economy, adding that such partnerships were essential for national development.

He urged the business community to collaborate more with the GAF.

Speaking in an interview at the event, DIHOC Footwear Division Limited (Kumasi Shoe Factory) Chairman of the Board Dr. Karl Laryea said the company is able to produce all categories of footwear designed to satisfy the exact preference and taste of the general. Public.

He said that over the years, investments have been made in acquiring modern equipment that can be used to produce the same categories of shoes designed by famous designer brands around the world.

“DIHOC Footwear Division Limited can now produce footwear for corporate events that can be worn at weddings, executive meetings and any other occasion,” Dr. Laryea said.

He said the company was producing large quantities of its new classic shoes to cover the West African sub-region, especially now that the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) was in operation with its headquarters. located in Ghana.

Dr Laryea, who is also the Managing Director of Knights Ghana Limited, said efforts were being put in place to penetrate the local market and therefore called on Ghanaians to reduce their dependence on foreign products and give preference to footwear made in Ghana by the society.

Dr. Laryea mentioned that while the government could revive the Achimota school sandals policy which was launched in 2014 as part of efforts to empower the Kumasi shoe factory to provide sandals to all schools, the company would be able to triple its production and workforce. .

He also highlighted the need for security agencies to increase the purchase of their product, given the assurances made to the company before the company resuscitation.

“If the security agencies, which include the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Fire Service, Customs Service and GAF ​​with a total of about 100,000 people, ask more products, employees will grow from 200 to 800 within 5 years,” says Dr. Layea.


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