The song featured in the Old Navy “Fleece Shoes” commercial


In early 2021, Old Navy released a TikTok-style ad featuring influencer Christine Andrew – but which song makes up the ad’s soundtrack?

What is the name of the ridiculously catchy song that appears in Old Navy’s “fleece shoes” commercial? TV commercials for fast fashion brand Old Navy have attracted major celebrities over the years. Throughout 2015, Seinfeld Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared in a series of Old Navy ads, one of which was a Black Friday sale ad that boasted cameos from rapper Snoop Dog and Kumail Nanjiani. More recently, how i met your mother Neil Patrick Harris teamed up with Old Navy to create a series of holiday-themed adverts that also featured Community stars Gillian Jacobs and Billie Lourd.

Other Old Navy television commercials have featured famous faces like The right place star Kristen Bell, comedian Amy Schumer and Elizabeth Banks, while an advert released by the fashion brand in 2015 gave a starring role to the future High School Musical: The Musical: The Series starring Olivia Rodrigo. Lately, however, there has been a distinct shift from celebrity-focused Old Navy ads to a different style of advertising – including ads that incorporate social media and feature bloggers and influencers rather than movie or TV stars. .

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In early 2021, Old Navy released a TikTok-style ad titled “Fleece Shoes” which features a group of three performing a choreographed routine while donning different Old Navy garments. The ad (which can be viewed on was part of a series of TikTok-style ads that made up Old Navy’s “Fleece Vibes” spring campaign, which featured the Colombian-American influencer and founder of the Hello Fashion blog, Christine Andrew, and her family. viral dances and jumping around in different Old Navy fleece outfits. The campaign features a ridiculously catchy soundtrack, but what is the song featured in the ads? It’s a Teddi Gold song called “BOOM BOOM”.

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Teddi Gold is a Los Angeles-based avant-garde electro-pop artist who originally released the contagiously upbeat song in the summer of 2020. “BOOM BOOM” is more than just a feel-good dance track, however. Teddi – whose father is gay and grew up with him and his partner – was inspired to write the song to celebrate diversity and show support for LGBTQ+ rights. She even donated all earnings from streaming “BOOM BOOM” to the American Civil Liberties Union in support of the LGBTQ+ and BLM movements.

The collaboration between Old Navy, Teddi Gold and Christine Andrew that resulted in the “Fleece Shoes” commercial is just one example of how the fast fashion brand is using TikTok to advertise its products. One of Old Navy’s latest commercials is dubbed “Written By The Internet” and was inspired by comments left on a post by teenage TikTok user Samuel Beasley who suggested that Silk Sonic’s song “Fly As Me “would make the perfect musical backdrop for”the most incendiary Old Navy commercial of all time.” Although Old Navy opted for a different song (Max Frost’s 2018 track “Good Morning”), the resulting ad features scenes based on comments made to Beasley’s original TikTok post and is apparently the first to be released. a series of announcements the retailer intends to make incorporating Internet Culture.

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