Steph Curry let Riley Curry unbox her new shoes for her 10th birthday


Can you believe Riley Curry is 10 years old already? Man, time flies.

It felt like yesterday when we saw her being the cutest baby ever at Steph Curry’s MVP ceremony. Remember the time she spurned a post-game kiss from her daddy? Or how about when she forced him to take the #InMyFeelings challenge for his 6th birthday?

Wild, right? Time passes so fast. Now she is 10. 10 years old! And for her 10th birthday (which was actually in July), her dad let her unbox her new Curry 10 sneakers.

It’s a pretty cool moment because, in case you didn’t know, Curry actually signed with Under Armor 10 years ago. And it’s his 10th signature shoe with the brand, of course. He spoke in depth here about with Jarrel Harris of Sports Illustrated.

Curry has just entered a field that few other athletes have entered. A 10th signature sneaker with a brand is something only Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant have done so far. It’s something to be proud of. And sharing it with his daughter like that is drugs.

It will almost certainly be one of those moments that they think back to in 10 years as “wow, that was cool”. But you can tell that right now Riley is like “Daaaaad, why are you making me do this?” in the cutest way possible.

It’s so charming.

“These are so cool,” she said after taking them out of the box. And, to its credit, they’re pretty cool. But not as cool as that daddy-daughter moment.

So stinky adorable. Ugh.

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