Skechers Women’s Everyday Shoes, Comfortable and Amazon Sweeping, Available in 18 Colors

We’ve chosen the most comfortable, versatile and lightweight Skechers women’s shoes for everyday.

The variety of models of sports shoes that are launched on the market each season is (almost) endless. However, finding comfortable, lightweight shoes for everyday use, both for sports and for work or other tasks is not always an easy task. Therefore, in THE COUNTRY Showcase We started looking deep and we found the Skechers Graceful-Get Connected women’s sneakersa very versatile model at an exceptional price.

For those who still doubt all its advantages on different surfaces, let’s mention that eight out of ten users of the Amazon platform They gave it the highest rating. This earned him to collect more than 16,000 reviews with a very high rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The Skechers firm It has made a niche for itself for a few years with stylish proposals and segmentation by niche categories. Indeed, the brand is one of the youngest in the sector. So, What are the different characteristics of this shoe model compared to others in the same category? We tell you everything below.

Memory foam insole and mesh panels

This sneaker model uses a specific model manufactured in memory foamthat is, an accessory that adapts individually to each foot, allowing an ultra-soft and flexible feeling and a cushioned footprint, without losing the internal support of the foot at any time.

“I took it because I am a Skechers lover, they are the queens of comfort. Before these I had two other pairs and I will continue to buy them. They are very comfortable, I took them because I have worked many hours standing up and the truth is that they have been useful to me”, comments a customer.

Additionally, they include a mesh upper called Skech knit: it is a part which, with a flexible and light sole that improves shock absorption, make these sneakers a perfect solution for everyday wear. Not to mention the openwork mesh inserts that are placed on the toe, the sides and the heel, giving it a to see very light to all.

From size 35 to 42 and available in 18 colors

With this shoe model we also have no problem with the sizes available., because an overwhelming majority of people declare that the size they acquired “is the right one”, that is to say the usual size that they wear on a daily basis. “I was afraid to buy without trying on the size. In the end, I decided to buy my usual number and they fit me perfectly, ”comments another user. His instep is medium in size.

Ultimately, some very comfortable shoes for spending long periods of time on your feet, work while walking or use them as bedside slippers now, soon spring will come. And on sale in almost twenty colors. “I wore them for walking, my job is as a tourist guide, so I spend many hours on my feet and I do many kilometers a day and the truth is that since using this brand I feel much better on my feet,” a third user comments.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of February 19, 2022.

[Recuerda que si eres usuario de Amazon Prime, todas las compras tienen gastos de envío gratuitos. Amazon ofrece un período de prueba gratuito y sin compromiso durante 30 días.]

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