Private schools in Karnataka won’t push for branded shoes and uniforms: The Tribune India


Bangalore, March 7

The Associated Managements of Karnataka Private Schools (KAMS) have decided not to force parents to purchase branded shoes and school uniforms as before for their children to relieve them of financial hardship as a result of the Covid-crisis. 19.

At the same time, she also decided to support the “Make in India” concept.

D. Shashikumar, secretary general of KAMS, said the decision was taken during the meeting of the board members. Until now, private schools insisted on buying uniforms, shoes and other materials only from showrooms or prescribed agencies.

Most of the time, the schools recommended the purchase of big brands, which caused an additional burden for the parents. This has even led to confrontations between school principals and parents. However, the school principals have decided not to pressure the parents considering the financial crisis in the current scenario.

Shashikumar said parents this time would be encouraged to buy indigenous products which are much more reasonable than branded ones. “Few schools have themselves put forward the proposal to relax their rigid position and we encourage it. They have become aware of the situation after Covid and it is a good gesture. There are 19,645 private schools in the state in which 45.71 lakh students are enrolled. Classes for the 2022-23 academic year are scheduled to start from May 14.

Shashikumar said schools that fall under KAMS are not supposed to order parents to shop from the prescribed agency or store. School principals, who have already started full-fledged offline lessons, are preparing for the upcoming school year. Many schools have decided to shorten the summer holidays to compensate for the loss of learning caused during the Covid pandemic over the past two years. KAMS’ decision was well received by parents. IANS


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