Plastic turned into shoes for learners in need


MMC for Community Services Charlotte Zitha donated 150 pairs of recycled plastic school shoes to students in Kwa-Thema and Tsakani on February 22.

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She explained that the shoes are a product of a local pharmaceutical company.

“The shoes are made from plastic used for drops and masks. Not only did the donation restore the learners’ dignity, but it also boosted their confidence,” said Zitha.

Kenneth Masekela Secondary School in Kwa-Thema received 100 pairs and Thuthukanisizwe Primary School in Tsakani 50 pairs.

The shoes are made from plastic used to make masks and drops. Photos: provided.

“It is also hoped that it will inspire their creativity to think outside the box and invent something even greater for the benefit of fellow humans and the environment,” Zitha said.

Kenneth Masekela Head of Secondary, Jabulani Fakude, made it clear that the donation was needed as most of the learners came from modest backgrounds. He encouraged other businesses and Good Samaritans to consider making such donations to schools for the greater benefit of learners in our townships.

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