PJ Tucker shares tips on how people should keep their shoes from aging and reveals his treasured sneaker possession


Many people like to call themselves “sneakerheads” because they show their love for shows and often get the latest from Nike, Adidas, NB, Puma, Under Armour, and more. Sneaker culture has changed a lot in recent years, both taking over and dashing people’s hopes of getting their favorite shoes, making them dependent on the reseller market.

We all dream of having a plug to get the latest releases, but that’s just impossible for an ordinary person to accomplish. However, some people can live out this dream and shock the world every time they show off their shoes.

In case you don’t know who we’re talking about, it’s 2021 NBA champion and current Miami Heat player PJ Tucker. The defense specialist has grown accustomed to showing shoes that only a few people in the world own. He once had Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature sneaker even before the Greek Freak, which shows how connected he is.

Tucker is the perfect definition of a “sneakerhead” and whenever he talks about shoes, people have to listen. Recently, he starred in a Q&A with Andscape’s Marc J. Spears, where he touched on several topics, including shoes. He was asked how people can take care of their kicks and prevent them from aging.

People are in love with your sneaker collection. What advice would you give to anyone trying to keep their shoes from getting old?

The only thing you can do to keep your shoes looking amazing is to wear them. You wear them. So if you don’t wear them, if they’re new and they’re 6, 7, 8 years old, the glue isn’t sealed, they won’t last. So when you wear them they will break. And that will happen with age anyway, right? But if you want them to last a little longer, you need to wear them right away. If you wear them, they will last longer.

Speaking of his most expensive pair of sneakers, PJ didn’t hold back.

And what is your prized sneaker possession?

My signed Jordan 94 1s and 85 1s, that’s easy because Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time and my favorite player of all time and all that. And my Kanye Yeezy 2 Cheetahs.

PJ has become a legend in the world of sneakers. The community has the utmost respect for him, as he only uses the shoes for himself and does not try to take care of his contacts. It’s different from Marcus Jordan, who has long been accused of being a dealer.

Tucker recently pulled out his signature shoe and gifted a pair to LeBron James. Meanwhile, he’s trying to help the Miami Heat win the 2022 NBA Championship, just like he did with the Milwaukee Bucks last season.


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