MIRET: “We are changing the paradigm of shoe manufacturing”

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Hrvoje and Domagoj Boljar (Photo credit: Domagoj Blažević)

The co-founder of Croatian company MIRET thinks they are changing the paradigm of shoemaking.

Brothers Hrvoje and Domagoj Boljar are behind the famous brand of eco-friendly sneakers MIRET launched on the market two years ago. MIRET eco-friendly sneakers are made from a number of natural materials including hemp, kenaf, cork, cotton, corn, jute, eucalyptus, natural rubber, tree cellulose and fiber. 100% New Zealand wool.

Since its launch, MIRET has won numerous awards and attracted investors from all over the world. Domagoj says the company’s approach is unique because it puts ecology above all else.

“When you look at a regular shoe it is either made from natural leather or from various types of materials which are basically petroleum derivatives like sponges, polyester, synthetic rubber and artificial leather, all of these materials are at oil-based and are basically plastic that end up polluting the sea and the land,” Domagoj told the All About Croatia Podcastspecifying that MIRET uses in its shoes products as close as possible to nature and 97% biosourced.

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(Photo credit: Katarina Zlatec)

On the podcast, Domagoj reveals that MIRET is the global forerunner in eco-shoes and says they are changing the paradigm of shoemaking.

“We want to show not only consumers, but also other industry players that a shoe made from natural materials can be beautiful but still be durable and have a minimal effect on the environment.”

You can listen to the full podcast HERE where Domagoj also talks about the “Hollywood moment” that started it all, Croatia’s stance on ecology, what it has planned for the future and more.

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