Michael Jordan’s son Marcus denies accusations of backdoor sale of Air Jordan shoes: “You’re so boring with this shit. This all caps. You’re all too laughable MFs at this point.”


Most hoop fans recognize Michael Jordan as the GOAT, but even people who don’t follow basketball know who MJ is and his influence spans the globe. The Jordan name has also become a brand, with “Air Jordan” sneakers being among the most coveted shoes in the world since MJ ditched the former during his playing days. These shoes helped make Jordan a billionaire, and even now when they come out new, they sell out in seconds.

However, often it is because there are simply not enough pairs coming out on the drop date. Speculation of the backdoor unfair sale to resellers, who turn around to sell the shoes at an even higher price, has been raging for years now. And one of the people blamed for that is none other than Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus.

The Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 shoes, which dropped last year, sparked a lot of controversy in terms of alleged backdoor deals. Accusations about them have surfaced, naming Marcus as the person who sold thousands of pairs to dealers. Young Jordan has had enough, it seems since he spoke about it on his Twitter account.

“You’re all so boring with this shit. Everything’s capped. You’re all too laughable MFs at this point. Go watch a conspiracy documentary on stay on this side.”

There’s no way to say conclusively if Marcus Jordan was involved in any of this, but given that he probably has more access to the goods than anyone else, it’s not hard to figure out where the tricks are coming from. charges. Either way, Jordans being so hard to acquire only adds to the mystique and value of the brand, and people will always be on the lookout to get their hands on the next pair that drops.


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