Metro Shoes rolls out new #GoodVibesOnly tagline to connect with millennial customers

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Metro Shoes rolls out new #GoodVibesOnly tagline to connect with millennial customers

Posted on June 8, 2022

The footwear brand is injecting new energy into its online and offline presence with its latest Spring/Summer collection; sparks a #GoodVibesOnly buzz through a youthful and energetic campaign featuring influencers to the beat of the brand’s dance-hook

Metro Brands Limited (MBL), one of India’s leading specialty footwear retailers, is infusing fresh, youthful energy into its Metro Shoes sub-brand with the launch of a new tagline #GoodVibesOnly. With the new look and feel, the brand is breathing a breath of fresh air into all Metro Shoes stores in India as well as its online presence, striking a chord with millennials who represent all things positive. The previous Metro Shoes brand slogan #LetThereBeBright was a big hit as it was launched at a time when the world was just coming out of a tough time with the pandemic.

The brand also announced its latest spring-summer collection which includes Weave, Color Block, Sneakers and Tie-Dye footwear, all representing this shift in culture. The #GoodVibesOnly tagline will follow a 360 degree focus on digital and social platforms. To reach its target group across the country, Metro Shoes has a new campaign lined up where it enlisted social influencers across verticals to generate the right buzz with a dance hook step.

“#GoodVibesOnly felt like a natural next step in our #LetThereBeBright campaign, as the world looks forward to a post-pandemic era filled with hope and color. We wanted the customer to feel the vibe as soon as they see our new collection. Plus, the groovy song and footsteps were our version of having fun with a nice pair of shoes. We hope this positive energy resonates with every individual looking to spread Good Vibes. That’s the spirit that we celebrate!” said Alisha Malik, President – E-Commerce and Marketing, Metro Brands Ltd.

Metro Shoes created the film’s song, lyrics, and background music hook from scratch. The models and dancers in the video are all handpicked by the brand team.

The spring-summer 2022 fashion shoe collection includes:

Tie-Dye Range

Metro Shoes in collaboration with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India launches its first-ever vegan shoe collection – Tie-Dye Collection, made with modern, comfortable and animal-free materials that are kinder to the planet. The brand has added a splash of hue to its shoe collection with this new range of vibrant colors.

Price: Rs. 1490 and after

Weaving range

The Weave collection brings Metro Shoes’ traditional Indian partners to life, giving each pair of shoes in this range a unique look. The shoes accentuate the feet, adding a touch of contemporary.

Price: Rs. from 1990


Metro Shoes brings a pop of bright color to its sneaker lineup, making white sneakers a thing of the past. Whether for home, office, school/college, loungewear and sportswear; a pair of these sneakers is a staple in your wardrobe.

Price: Rs. 2490 and up


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