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  • Approaches to Evaluate Leading Tire Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers

    There are some definite features that you might look for when choosing a manufacturer that produces pyrolysis plants. They could make several types, each calibrated for this conversion of various materials, including rubber tires. Tires could be one of the biggest pieces of trash in the world. They fill the landfills by the millions. When you use a large volume of rubber tires and can use them for recycling purposes, it can benefit your personal business. If you want…

  • London’s Greenway wastewater treatment plant chooses Flottweg

    Located along the Thames River, London Ontario’s Greenway Wastewater Treatment Plant receives sludge from six other treatment facilities in the city. Upon arrival, the sludge is dewatered using three Flottweg C7E centrifuges. The plant currently processes approximately 17,000 dry tons of sludge per year. Once burned, the remaining ashes are transported to a nearby landfill. “Odor control was an issue,” said Angelo Marcoccia, maintenance manager at the Greenway plant. “With a centrifuge, everything…

  • Contract signing ceremony for a landfill project in LAOS

    For the Greater Mekong Sub-Region Tourism Infrastructure Project 2 for Inclusive Economic Growth, the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Laos has awarded Vang Vieng landfill improvements to the joint venture CeTeau-PAN. The photos below show the signing ceremony of the contract between JV CeTeau-PAN and the Ministry. We are very grateful to be part of a project whose overall objective is to transform the cities of the central and southern corridor of the second Greater Mekong sub-region into…

  • Recycling rate by country

    In order to save the earth, for future generations, we must recycle resources. Recycling is vital as it decreases pollution, eliminates the need for new raw materials, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves money, minimizes the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and allows items to be used to their full potential. Here in this article, we would get to know about the top 10 countries that have high recycling rates. Germany Germany ranks first with an expected recycling rate of around 67…

  • Sole Trainers with Indosole

    Sole Trainers with Indosole

    In 2004, Indosole founder Kyle Parson came into contact with billions of used car tires while traveling through Indonesia. Car tires are a breeding ground for deadly diseases and have a major impact on our environment. Indosole has found a better solution to this problem by recycling them and then using them as the base for the outsole of all slippers. Indosole saves 1.5k tires a day from landfill by turning them into the soles of flip flops. on tire and rubber recycling on Indosole here.

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