Is Kanye West about to make Red Wing Shoes the new Dickies?


So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that the same could be about to happen with Red Wing Shoes. Nick Paget, senior menswear strategist at trend forecasting firm WGSN, says that “with Kanye’s ability to trigger a stampede on a particular brand or item, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if his adoption of the Red Wing boot had exactly the same effect. just like his loyal Dickies wearing work clothes at the Met Ball. “

West’s sudden interest in Red Wing Shoes won’t come as too much of a surprise to the enthusiastic followers of the House of Ye. Indeed, the 17-inch stompers match the designer’s understated, workwear-infused aesthetic. West is an avid wearer of Levi’s trucker jackets, while his Red Wing boots sit perfectly alongside an array of other bug-resistant boots that currently populate his shoe rack. He was recently seen in Balenciaga’s leather boots, as well as the brand’s Crocs collaboration, while his own brand Yeezy is developing their own giant-sized “NSLTD” boots, which rapper “Fade” has of course replicated. .

West’s Yeezy clothing line is also aesthetically comparable to those produced by workwear brands such as Carhartt WIP, the designer-musician sporadically showcasing his own khaki cargo pants and sandblasted jumpsuits. West is so enamored with everything blue collar workers that in 2015 he even did a Jurgen Teller lens shoot that saw Kim Kardashian pose on a construction site.

Sam Trotman, pop culture enthusiast and founder of Samutaro magazine, suggests that West’s conscious inclination for modestly priced work clothes (an Eizenhower jacket costs £ 40 and Red Wing’s boots cost an average of £ 150) fits his “pattern of going against the grain. popular trends and his anti-establishment attitude, which in turn sees him setting a new sartorial direction and staying one step ahead.

Sadly, West’s exact Red Wing boots aren’t available (yet), but the brand has a good selection of site visit stompers to hang on.

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