Hyperice Normatec shoes to lighten the feet


The popularization of pressotherapy offers a great tool for the most advanced sportsmen, who train every day and face challenges

The world of sports recovery is experiencing a boom away from the time of ice cream and massage. In recent times, a gadget said to be the star of the sector has joined the percussion guns or the rollers and the vibrating bullets: the pressotherapy boots. One of them is Normtech, offered by the Hyperice brand, which is an ally of sportsmen like footballers. Erling HaalandTennis player Naomi Osaka or nba player I am more,

Using these boots is very simple: you put them on the sofa to sit down, close the zipper, turn on the control unit and when you click “on”, they gradually tighten the muscles. Inflate. From the quadriceps to the feet. As many times as you want from 10 minutes to 50 minutes. The goal is not to relax the muscles as in massage; With a track race or an ultra distance event, the goal is to return to training at 100% as quickly as possible to eliminate the toxins that accumulate following intense effort.

Pressotherapy was invented in the United States in the 1970s to help people with disorders of the circulatory system and to treat edema, and gradually, decade after decade, new uses were found for it, such as the eradication of cellulite. , In recent years, it has become popular among athletes of various specialties for lymphatic drainage. While neither product is a miracle on its own and requires stretching and massaging, the results with these boots are clear.

Seven intensity levels help those who are most charged – usually at levels six or seven when the effects of pressotherapy are most noticeable – the control unit can last up to three or four sessions without a load. It moves and the noise it produces is not at all annoying. With a price of 999 euros in its 3.0 version, which is about to hit the market, it is a good product for the most advanced sportsmen. Someone who only runs or rides a bike sporadically may never use it, but for those who train every day, looking for higher challenges, it’s a great tool.


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