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Sustainability-focused sneaker brand Cariuma is encouraging consumers to “take care of the Earth” with its latest collection, and has recruited Snoopy and Woodstock from the iconic “Peanuts” comic to spread the message.

Today arrives the “Take Care With Peanuts” range, a collection of shoes that promotes three messages of caring introduced by “Peanuts” two years ago for its 70th anniversary: ​​”Take Care of Yourself”, “Take Care of Each Other” and “Take care of the Earth.”

“We were immediately excited about the prospect of working with such an environmentally conscious brand. One of the pillars of ‘Take Care with Peanuts’ is ‘Care for the Earth’ and we loved how Cariuma actively contributes to reforestation, as well as the use of vegan materials, while maintaining a style and exceptional shoe quality,” Peanuts Worldwide Vice President of Global Soft Lines Liz Brinkley said in a statement.

According to Cariuma, the limited-edition “Peanuts” shoes “celebrate all the ways we care, from daydreaming to skateboarding to surfing to sharing fond memories with friends and loved ones.” The range is divided into two themes: Snoopy and Woodstock take advantage of the great outdoors and Snoopy surfs, which are the two pillars of the Cariuma brand identity.

Several looks of the Cariuma x “Peanuts” Oca Low.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cariuma

To make Snoopy and Woodstock take advantage of the outdoor looks, Cariuma used images of Snoopy hanging among trees, which is a nod to its reforestation program where the brand plants two trees for every pair of shoes sold. And Snoopy’s surf styles include images of the beloved beagle holding a surfboard, racing to catch waves, which is a nod to the Cariuma founders who grew up near the ocean. in Brazil.

This collaboration features seven shoes across Cariuma’s Oca Low, Oca High, and Salvas silhouettes. Pricing ranges from $89 to $110 and will be available through Additionally, this Cariuma x Peanuts collection will also include first-time T-shirts with a retail price of $39.

Cariuma Peanuts Oca High

The Cariuma x “Peanuts” Oca High and Oca Low inspired by the outdoors.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cariuma

Cariuma Peanuts T-shirt

One of the Cariuma x “Peanuts” collaborative T-shirts.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cariuma

Peanuts Cariuma Salvas

“Peanuts” x Cariuma Salvas.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cariuma


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