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Cara Delevingne has never been one to hold back. From her days on the runway and in front of the fashion lens, to her burgeoning acting career (boosted with a spot in the second season of “Only Murders in the Building” and a slew of new films) , the model and actress is rarely shy about expressing her feelings. And she’s also taken this no-holds-barred approach to activism, championing LGBTQIA+ rights and women’s rights and mental health as well as environmental issues, speaking out through initiatives and the red carpet to communicate her message of ‘action.

Recently, its long-term partnership with Puma has resulted in low-impact sports collections, the launch of its own charitable foundation and even the launch of a new eco-friendly platform later this year in line with the United Nations Decade for restoration of ecosystems.

But if her work seems serious, rest assured, the actress is still having fun at the same time. As part of FN’s cover story, Delevingne performed “The Shoe Game,” answering a series of shoe-related questions that speak volumes about the star’s life in shoes:

The shoes you wore as a child?

Ooh my favorite pair of shoes… I don’t know, I was always barefoot, and I was always naked. Yeah, it would be hard to get into a pair of shoes in general, I would run away. So probably my own feet – which is fine.

The shoes you wore in high school?

I’d wear a pair of trainers too – trainers – or like the same pair of leather boots with a hole in the toe, with my little toe sticking out the side. It was quite rude. I would just wear the same thing. It really meant something to me when it stood the test of time if I could wear the same pair of shoes.

Have you ever borrowed shoes from your sisters?

I borrowed shoes from my sisters, yes, from my younger sister Poppy. When I was a model, she had the shoes I needed. But she definitely had all the shoes I would need. I was still a teenager and I was wearing my sneakers. So she would have heels with some cool leather strappy things I’m from, not sure where she got them from. So yes, definitely.

Favorite pair of shoes living in your closet right now?

I’m still a fan of the old Puma Creepers. I still have plenty, she [Rihanna] just did them right.

What shoes do you wear at home?

What shoes should I wear at home? I really am a big fan of slippers. I have some really cute penis slippers that I love to slip my feet into. I love them, they really make me feel good.

Does your dog ever eat shoes?

My dog ​​doesn’t like to eat shoes, but he likes to wear these little balloon socks when we moved to New York. They are so cute. Originally, I was just taking balloons and sticking them to his feet, which he didn’t like. But dogs can wear shoes, they are really cute. He doesn’t have proper shoes, he just has balloon socks, I don’t know how else to describe them, other than they keep his little paws from getting eaten by the salt!

Sneakers or heels – and why?

Sneakers or heels? Sneakers or heels? Obviously, coaches all day, every day. I saw someone trying to make a pair of high heels, never do that, it’s illegal. This should not be allowed. Ugh! I love trainers so much. The heels were made by men, clearly.

Which shoes would you still like to have?

When I was very young, I had this pair of sneakers which I no longer remember the brand, that is not the question. I loved them so much that my family cut the toes off so my toes stick out in front. That’s how much I loved them. I remember that.

How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

Well, I got a shoe closet, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a candle, candle shoe whore. But literally, they’re all Pumas, which is awesome. I have two pairs of stripper heels and Pumas, that’s all I have. I have a lot of matching shoes, so when my friends come and bring us the same pair of sneakers.

What shoes do you wear on your date night?

No shoes. No shoes on date night are the preferred shoes. It depends how the date goes!

What shoes do you travel with?

I always travel with Puma sneakers. They are the most comfortable, I would never wear anything else – and I don’t think you have the right to wear anything else either! It is forbidden to wear heels on the plane, it is said, it tears the slide! In the safety brochure!

The pair you will never part with?

The pair I’ll never get rid of… uh, my penis slippers, I don’t know, I can’t tell you about that one.


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