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Men’s Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

A man wearing basketball shoes sits on the stairs.
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Why Buy Men’s Basketball Shoes?

The reasons to buy a pair of sneakers are endless. Maybe you want to collect them, wear them as everyday shoes, or use them for multiple sporting activities. In terms of play, you want to buy basketball shoes because they are designed for basketball performance. They are designed to provide maximum foot and ankle support, balance and traction.

What should you look for when buying men’s basketball shoes?

  • Fashion: If you’re a basketball fan, you don’t need any guidelines here. But if you are new to basketball or buying a pair as a gift, know that the look of basketball shoes is important but depends on the person. A practical question to consider is what you expect from your shoes. If you value function over fashion, look for the design and material that provides the optimum performance for your style of ball.
  • Sole: A good pair of basketball shoes will have a rubber or synthetic blend outsole for ideal traction and bounce. Look for traction patterns like zigzags, hexagons, or circles for a non-slip grip. EVA foam can provide the cushion you need for jumping and running.
  • Versatile: Some basketball trainers have components that make them a must-have for multiple activities, like running, walking, or playing tennis. This type of shoe tends to have extra mesh for better breathability. Yet they have the same stabilizing features, such as the STA anti-rollover molding around the forefoot.

What do you need to know about the upper part of the shoe?

The upper part of basketball shoes involves the height profile around the ankle. You have the choice between highs, mid-highs and lows. Players partly decide the aesthetics as well as the practical ankle support. With less support around the ankle, low shoes provide more room for quick movements – agility and speed. High-top shoes completely surround the ankle for better support, and mid-top shoes are a happy medium. The upper also involves the closure of the shoe, for example straps, laces or zippers. We’re only looking at lace-up shoes here, but you can consider other options to find the best fit for you.

Our picks for the best men’s basketball shoes

Best choice

Advantages: For those who like to play pick-up on outdoor courts, the Streetball Master might be worth a look. These shoes feature a thick EVA rolled rubber outsole with deep traction for durability on asphalt terrain. This model has an improved formula for increased resistance to cement and other hard surfaces. As high-top basketball shoes should, the Streetball Master features a stabilizing interior to support the foot and ankle during quick lateral movements to reduce sprains and strains. There is a thermofusible (PP) film on the upper, a woven material for comfort and support. A unique parametric design improves grip and adds slip and wear resistance.

The inconvenients: If you are interested in extra cushioning shoes, you might want to consider a different shoe.

Conclusion: This is a great pair of basketball shoes for indoor and outdoor play, especially stellar for your neighborhood outdoor court. Its integrated sole can take a beating.

Best for the budget

Advantages: These offer all the qualities you look for in a pair of basketball shoes: a breathable mesh upper, molded PU leather side panels and a shock-absorbing rubber sole. The all-important rubber sole that defines basketball shoes provides grip as you weave between opponents to pass or position yourself for a shot. Together, the outsole and wide toe box give you better balance and a solid base to jump on.

The inconvenients: If you prefer a sleek and sharp look, check out the other basketball shoes we review. In terms of fashion, the ASHION has bright colors and bold designs.

Conclusion: Basketball shoes are known to be expensive, but the ASHION is a satisfying alternative. In addition, they have multifunctional value for other sports and activities.

Most size options

Advantages: Like the Streetball Master High Top, these slip-resistant basketball shoes offer all the quality material, stability and aesthetics. The distinction is that these pairs are made for indoor and outdoor play. They’re low-key and feature a cartoon logo of the famous Louis Williams on the top of the tongue for fun. With a durable rubber outsole, they perform well on cement, rubber turf and indoor courts. It’s stability, cushioning and durability, all in one shoe. This pair is a slip-resistant shoe that features a STA anti-rollover design on the forefoot of the sole.

The inconvenients: Some users say that the shoes wear out quickly.

Conclusion: Not only do the Peak Lightning shoes perform well on indoor and outdoor courts, but they are also ideal for outdoor running, gym exercises and everyday life. The reflective silk feature even makes it a safe option for night play.

Premium Choice

Advantages: Here they are, the most famous basketball shoes of all time! These classic men’s basketball shoes feature the Nike Air sole for cushioning for pickup games on the court or the street, or just for casual wear. They feature a mix of leather and synthetic materials and a perforated design for increased breathability. The icing on the cake is the recognized embroidered Jumpman on the heel and tongue for distinction.

The inconvenients: Nike shoes tend to fit narrow rather than wide feet more comfortably.

Conclusion: The famous brand Nike impresses again with these basketball sneakers. The simplistic style and multiple color options create a fashion statement that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Best Low Top Shoe

Advantages: Inspired by the look and style of 1980s basketball shoes, these genuine leather and synthetic Nike shoes have a compelling retro appeal. No detail has been overlooked, from the chunky laces and Swoosh design to the firm upper and stitched overlays. The rubber outsole, or cupsole, provides traction and durability for your choice of activity. You will even find the original pivot circles on the sole.

The inconvenients: It should be noted that these are flat shoes. They are not meant to offer much arch support.

Conclusion: People often say that things were done better in the past. It may or may not be true, but these retro Nike sneakers tell the truth about 80s basketball shoe fashion. They look great!

Final Thoughts

If you’re getting started to try a new sport, are an avid basketball player, or just like the picture, you deserve a quality pair of basketball shoes. Find a solid pair from our top picks.


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