Are Dr Martens shoes and boots vegan?

Dr. Martens boots are classics. But are they all suitable for vegans? (Photo: Christian Vierig / Getty Images)

Whether you are a vegan for Veganuary or plant-based for life, it’s good to know where your fashion is coming from.

For reasons of durability, as well as personal. This goes for the most sturdy clothes, coats, bags and your winter boots, as these type of shoes are often made of leather.

Dr. Martens are a popular choice for winter (or everyday) boots – they’re known to be tough and have overly chunky soles, and instantly give any look an edgy vibe.

But are they made of leather? Or are Dr. Martens shoes suitable for vegans?

Here’s all you need to know.

Are Dr Martens shoes vegan?

Not all Dr. Martens products are vegan … but some certainly are!

Woman wearing Dr Martens boots under jeans

Yes, you can get vegan DMs (Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images)

Since 2011, Dr. Martens has offered consumers a somewhat ahead of the trend version of their shoes in vegan leather.

Today there is 24 vegan products for sale on the UK website including boots, shoes, sandals, satchels and backpacks.

The vegan version of the classic 1460 boot is advertised as being made of a “synthetic” material, while the sole is “heat sealed and sewn together” rather than glued.

It seems that having a version of their shoes without animal products is partly due to the environmental impact.

In a 2021 sustainability report, the company said it was trying to create “sustainable vegan superior material by 2028.”

Woman wears Doc Martens

The perfect accessory with any outfit (Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images)

The report said, “As part of our focus on research and development of materials with low environmental impact, we try and test different materials for our components.

“For example, we are currently testing cushioning components made from sugarcane bioplastic and a vegan-friendly alternative upper material made from mushrooms.

“We are also looking at emerging biobased and recycled materials as they become available. “

However, many other Dr. Martens shoes and boots contain leather.

On the US version of their website, it says that leather is one of the three main materials used, alongside PVC and polyester.

How to tell if your existing Dr Martens are vegan

If you’re a vegan looking for a new pair of Dr. Martens, look for the pale green ‘vegan’ tab in the top corner of the image when shopping online.

In a store, of course, a saleswoman must be able to show you the vegan range so as not to confuse you.

That said, if you already own a pair of Dr. Martens – maybe used, or the ones you’ve owned for years – you can easily check to see if they’re vegan.

Just look at the fabric loop on the back of the shoe or boot. If the label is a shockingly bright yellow, it’s not vegan.

If it’s a pale, creamy yellow color, they’re vegan.

Dr Martens vegan boots

The tongue protruding from the top of the shoe should be pale instead of black (Photo: Dr Martens)

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