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Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Registration Has Started

Thanks to Blizzard, you can sign up for the Overwatch 2 PvP beta now. Testing for the game’s next competitive shooter will be able to play with a new hero, a new mode, and four new maps. A lot of other things are happening behind the scenes.

After April, Overwatch 2’s first new hero will be available in the PvP beta. The living room is one of them. To protect Overwatch from Talon, Sojourn defends him with a railgun. You should be able to expect Blizzard’s railgun to do a lot of damage. She hasn’t shown her skills so far.

Sojourn is one of the things you can try out in the PvP beta test. To push. In this new mode, the robot and two barricades are the main points of the map. People fight to get the bot because once you get it in your hands, your opponent’s barricade will start pushing towards the target when it’s yours. Your team will win straight away when the barricade hits the goal. It’s a bit like arm wrestling the other way.

It’s not over yet with the PvP beta. Four new maps have been added: Royal Circuit, New Queen Street, Colosseo and Midtown. You can watch them all! Push mode has been added to Midtown and Circuit Royal, which are both escort maps, so people can push each other.

Adding a new hero is sure to make you happy. But don’t forget to look forward to new versions of Doomfist and Bastion. These characters will be completely changed for the next Overwatch game.

There will be a new Ping system like the one in Apex Legends that will work with new hero, mode, maps and updated heroes when released. The system has a button that allows you to call things to your colleagues in the right situation. There was a 6v6 shooter in the original Overwatch, so it will be interesting to see how the new version performs.

There is a way to sign up for the Overwatch 2 PvP beta, but Blizzard has made this process very easy.


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